Sorting It Out

this puzzle took me AGES to figure out. seriously, i've been playing this game since 1994 (with, to be fair, a long break in the middle), and i just managed it THIS MONTH. so, i'm going to break this down.

the actual mechanics of the puzzle: click on a character above, below, or next to you, and then they stack on each other's... shoulders? sure. then click on a character above, below, or next to the stacked ones, and whichever was on top of the stack moves to stack with the one you just clicked on. it takes a lot of clicking to get them in the order you want! there also isn't any kind of "submit" button - when you have it right, Something Happens.

what "getting it right" involves: the idea is that each of the banners represents one of the tales you were told, and a pair of characters forms a dialectic about each story. therefore, you need to know the personality of each character. did you know that if you click on an area you've already explored, you can "re-experience" what happened, and also potentially click on the characters to see what their names are? just in case, say, you misremember which blue swirly one is which. then it's a matter of getting the right characters under the right banners.

ready to scream? yeah, i was too. highlight the spoiler bar below to have it laid out for you.

Gatekeeper Provider Librarian Craftsman Reclaimer
Legava Yjerle (?) Ogham Weykent
Mazer Rosshi Emolpho Verlm Barhinn

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