Thoroughly EXTREMELY Modern Millie

This is the landing page for the mashup I made of two versions of Thoroughly Modern Millie: the 1967 movie and the 2002 Broadway musical. I tried to make it stand on its own and include the best parts of both.

the password is soysauce

Here's a table of the characters and who plays them in the movie and musical versions!

Character Name Movie Musical
Millie Dillmount Julie Andrews Sutton Foster
Jimmy Smith James Fox Gavin Creel
Ethel Pease Mary Grover Joyce Chittick
Mrs. Meers Beatrice Lillie Harriet Harris
Miss Dorothy Brown Mary Tyler Moore Angela Christian
Muzzy van Hossmere Carol Channing Sheryl Lee Ralph
Trevor Graydon John Gavin Marc Kudisch
Ching Ho Jack Soo Ken Leung
Bun Foo Pat Morita Francis Jue
Miss Flannery Cavada Humphrey Anne L. Nathan

by abby, fucking around in 2021. made with love, powered by sugarfree red bull.