hello friends!

this is a site where i will put many and varied things.

abby vs. classic mac adventure games

i am a longtime fan of classic mac adventure games, the ones i grew up playing on our Macintosh Color Classic. i love the graphics, the objectives, the weird little jokes, and most of all, the nostalgia.

what i don't love is the stress of feeling like i'm doing something Wrong! there are a lot of walkthroughs out there to help with this, some on the wayback machine, with varying levels of detail, grammar, and completeness.

that's where this website comes in! i'm going to collect the resources i've found here, in a way that makes sense to me, as the primary user of this site (i'm not expecting popularity, lol).

you've heard of the Happy Mac - now meet the Abby Mac!

here are the games i'm going to cover:

if you're wondering how i'm playing these on an M1 MacBook Pro, start here with the sheepshaver setup wiki!

non-game things

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