head northeast from Castle Hall and follow the coast to a peninsula, once you've received your sixth task.

i feel like this is the task where, if you weren't already having doubts about the TaskMaker's intentions, you're going to start. not to, like, "i can excuse graverobbing, but i draw the line at theft," but in Arbalest Catacombs, nobody noticed when you took the book; in Enitsirhc, they very much will notice when you take the Coat o' arms, and people who are Good-aligned will be angry with you. (this is why i immediately use Restart Place when i get the item: i hate it when people are angry with me /o\)

don't bother with the rooms directly to the north of the entrance. there's nothing particularly great up there, and unless you Bestow (lowercase b) gifts on all the :| faces to turn them into :) faces, they're going to be very in the way.

Poison Potion is not at all the same thing as Poison!

don't miss the Boots o' speed, especially if you have a Food ring!

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