Lost Gardens

Lost Gardens is found all the way south and slightly east of Castle Hall. you heal faster here than anywhere else, as long as you're Good-aligned (i.e., haven't killed any NPCs who are Neutral or Good, just Evil).

once you're inside, head directly south (past a pond with a little island, which has a stone compartment on it) until you see a switch. toggle it on, then go back north to that pond. there's a log bridge to the island now! in the compartment is a very useful Gain Health.

now go south again, almost as far as you can, then turn east and walk until you find the building. figure out how to get in, and mess around in there until you find a button. press said button, then leave the building and head for the southwest corner. a Buried dirt/sand has appeared! Wear/Wield your shovel, dig it up, and find a Wish For Any Object. (i like to use it for a Food Ring or a Vision Cloak, personally.)

there's more stuff to find, but nothing as pivotal as the above.

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