Castle Hall

head southwest from the docks (your starting point) to find Castle Hall.

i like to meet the TaskMaker for my first task, then head straight to Lost Gardens to get some useful gear, THEN come back and explore Castle Hall.

there are some switches north of the bar - you can pick up some stuff and give yourself access to some interesting parts of the hall. for instance, the clover switch opens a drawbridge on the west coast!

doing a little graverobbing can get you a Z's Power Up, which is very nice.

the blue circle switch on the north side of Castle Hall gives you access to the stone compartment in the middle of the fountain, which has a very powerful weapon inside.

once you can get to the rooms behind the TaskMaker's throne, you can take the exit to the Island Prison.

when you've defeated the final boss, you'll have access to Acknowledgements.

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